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Why Dimensional

At Piedmont Capital Asset Management LLC, we passionately believe in the Principles of Asset Allocation and Efficient Markets Theory.


We believe that these principles are best represented by Dimensional Fund Advisors (Dimensional).*

Dimensional Reading

Dimensional Fund Advisors Funds are 

Research Driven.


Piedmont Capital Asset Management LLC enthusiastically welcomes the opportunity to share that Research as well as our Performance.

Reading from Dimensional Fund Advisors.

Reading about Dimensional Fund Advisors.

* Dimensional Fund Advisors (Dimensional) is our primary, but not exclusive, source for implementing our investment approach.  Piedmont Capital Asset Management LLC receives no compensation from Dimensional nor are we under any obligation to use Dimensional. Piedmont Capital Asset Management LLC primarily offers advice on mutual funds, bond funds, and individual bonds.  Piedmont Capital may also recommend other types of investments since each client has different needs and different tolerances for risk. Additionally, Piedmont Capital may advise on any type of investment held in your portfolio at the inception of our advisory relationship, or on specific types of investments at your request.

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