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Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”


Since receiving his Masters Degree in Taxation from George Mason University in 1995, Stuart Pierson has enthusiastically pursued a career in finance. After working for some of the largest financial institutions in the world, including Ernst & Young LLP, MetLife, and Wachovia Securities (now, Wells Fargo); Stuart launched Piedmont Capital Asset Management LLC in 2006.

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  • Masters of Science in Taxation

  • 20+ years experience

  • Professional and Partnered

  • Series 65 Licensed

  • More at LinkedIn

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  • Fiduciary

  • No Proprietary Product

  • Low Cost/High Touch

  • Transparent and Independent

  • Fee Only


Now, with over two decades in the financial services industry, Stuart’s passion for delivering an amazing client experience is reflected in Piedmont Capital Asset Management LLC. Utilizing the latest technology and research, Stuart’s partners in the client experience include his trading platform, Trade PMR. In 2014, Piedmont Capital Asset Management LLC partnered with Dimensional Funds Advisors marking a pivotal moment on the path to the complete client experience.


In his private life, as in work, Stuart seeks balance. Married to Jordan Pierson, his family has grown to six (seven with the dog).  Community and church serve to balance.


In addition to family, Stuart pursues balance through his passions: soccer, skiing, steeplechasing, and all-things-outdoors! Together with his family, Stuart lives just minutes from Thomas Jefferson's Monticello.


Virginia's Commonwealth serves as the perfect backdrop for Piedmont Capital Asset Management LLC.


Piedmont Capital's logo includes four critical elements.

"Trust" reigns overall. Below Trust is the traditional helmeted knight, known as "the Protector." The Protector conveys the passion with which we advocate for our clients.

On the shield are the symbols of the "Mural" crown and the Dragon. The Crown represents the soldier first into the breach. This also mirrors our commitment to our clients.

And, finally the Dragon. Known as the quintessential protector of treasure; we would be remiss to leave him out, never mind the fact that everyone loves a good dragon.

We hope and trust that the Piedmont Capital symbol will have similar meaning for you.

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