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Client Information pricing

Piedmont Capital is compensated only by fees paid directly by our clients. We receive no commissions, no third-party payments, and have no financial interest in any services or investment products we employ for our Clients.

Our fee for portfolio management services is based on a percentage of the client's assets under management as set forth in the following fee schedule:

Assets Under Management Annualized Fee

Up to $2,000,000 - 1.00%
Over $2,000,000 - Negotiable

Our annual portfolio management fee is billed and payable quarterly in arrears based on the value of the client's account on the last day of the quarter. If the portfolio management agreement is executed at any time other than the first day of a calendar quarter, our fees will apply on a pro-rata basis, which means the advisory fee is payable in proportion to the number of days in the quarter.

Our advisory fee is negotiable, depending on individual client circumstances.

Footnotes (Disclosures)

1. Please see our Registered Investment Advisor filing, Form ADV, Part 2 for complete information regarding fees. A copy of the Form ADV, Part 2 is available on request.

2. Certain transactions may incur a nominal trading expense. In the interest of full disclosure, we mention this potential cost, however, incidence of this charge is rare.

3. minimum of $500,000 of liquid investable assets required to initiate service, subject to exceptions based on facts and circumstances.

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