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retirement plan management

Low Cost, High Touch, Fiduciary-Friendly


What We Do


Piedmont Capital Asset Management works with a wide variety of business types and non-profit organizations to devise, direct, and manage low-cost, qualified, defined-contribution plans. Together with our partners, we provide complete plan management and reporting, investment advice, and employee education.  And, perhaps most significantly, we act as a full fiduciary.


As a full fiduciary, we are required to act in the best interests of your organization AND your employees.


Piedmont Capital Asset Management, LLC must act in the best interests of our clients. Thus, we are required to suggest only investments that best serve the client, as opposed to those that generate commission.  We are completely free to create low cost plans that are tailored to the needs of our clients. We maintain complete independence as your fiduciary.


Most pre-packaged or bundled retirement programs, such as those offered by banks, mutual fund, and insurance companies, are marketed as inexpensive and efficient. The reality, unfortunately, is that the fees and other expenses embedded in those products are usually significantly more expensive to the end-user.  Additionally, and significantly, these organizations do not act as a fiduciary, because, regardless of what they say, or how nice they may be, the commission-based provider operates with a built in conflict of interest.

In Detail

Piedmont Capital Asset Management is a fee-only independent registered investment advisory (RIA) firm, with extensive experience in the design, management, and deployment of low cost, fiduciary-friendly retirement plans for both businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Piedmont Capital Asset Management, LLC serves as a full fiduciary for both our individual clients as well as the company retirement plans that we manage.


Plan Creation & Administration


Together with our partners, we create and administer low cost, high touch, fiduciary-friendly, 401(k) retirement plans for businesses and non-profit entities.  Additionally, we serve virtually every other type of retirement plan including 457, 403(b), IRA, SEP-IRA, and SIMPLE-IRA.  And, of course, for individual clients, we assist in the process, execution, and investment of 401(k) to IRA Rollovers.


Employee Education


We offer customized employee education, including periodic meetings for all interested parties.  Employee education increases plan participation, which in turn may offer significant benefits for creative plan design. Company sponsored retirement plans are one of the most sought-after employee benefits.


Reporting & Administration


Robust reporting ensures that owners and employees are updated on plan performance as well as informed of changes and new opportunities.  Piedmont Capital offers 24/7 online access as well as a proven online platform built on the state-of-the-art DST technology.


Our Partner

As an RIA, Piedmont Capital offers many different mutual fund platform options; but, most often, we recommend Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) which includes:

  • Fiduciary Level of Care, including Piedmont Capital Serving as 3(38) Fiduciary

  • Access to flexible, open, and efficient investment fund architecture.

  • Fees that are among the most competitive in the industry.

  • Industrial-strength recordkeeping and a superior quality pursuit.

  • Superior client relationship support for sponsors.

  • Cost-efficient investments that seek to add value over benchmarks and peers.

  • Competitive administrative cost structure for plan participants.

  • Inclusive fee arrangement that covers most plan-related expenses, from plan design and restatements to day-to-day administration.

  • Flexibility with regard to fee assessment process, plan sponsor, plan participants, blended approach.

  • Full fee transparency with supporting plan sponsor and participant disclosures.



Piedmont Capital Asset Management LLC proudly maintains a proven track record of successful plan implementation and investment management.  Please contact us today!

Retirement Plan Detail

Thoughts from Dimensional Fund Advisors

"Dimensional's investment philosophy is about more than returns - it's about a great client experience that can really help people relax."

David Booth

Founder and Executive Chairman
Dimensional Funds Advisors LP

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