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Investment Policy Based on Unique Risk Tolerance


What We Do


Piedmont Capital offers discretionary asset management and investment advisory services. Piedmont Capital provides ongoing supervision and rebalancing of client portfolios reflective of changes in market conditions and client circumstances.

Research and Science applied to Every Aspect of the Wealth Management Experience.

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Risk Tolerance

Piedmont Capital employs Finametrica Pro to assess each client's risk tolerance, which produces a Risk Tolerance Score (RTS) unique to each client.  A client's RTS enables Piedmont Capital to match a client with the appropriate Portfolio Model.

Risk Tolerance

investment policy statement

Every client of Piedmont Capital receives an Investment Policy Statement based on each client's unique Risk Tolerance Score before any money is put into the market. Piedmont Capital employs IPS Advisor Pro to produce a simple, clear, and concise Investment Policy Statement.


What is an Investment Policy Statement? (IPS)

An IPS is a written document that outlines important issues such as goals, policies and procedures as agreed to by both advisor and client for the purpose of managing investments.  An IPS is required when a fiduciary relationship exists and is regularly cited as a best practice in modern wealth management.

Why an Investment Policy Statement?
An IPS provides advisors and investors with a written document to make prudent and rational decisions, helping to eliminate emotional or behavioral factors that can lead to improper decision-making.  It establishes a plan to confront complex issues and identifies a systematic discipline for decision-making.


Piedmont Capital offers advice primarily on mutual funds, bond funds, and individual bonds. Piedmont Capital may also recommend other types of investments since each client has different needs and different tolerances for risk. Piedmont Capital may advise a client on any type of investment held in a client's portfolio, or on specific types of investments at the client's request.

portfolio design

Piedmont Capital uses fund databases to screen and rank thousands of mutual funds and bond funds. This screening process is designed to facilitate research and to narrow down the larger field of possible investments to a smaller and more manageable list.

Mutual Funds

Piedmont Capital maintains access to many thousands of mutual funds; however, Dimensional Fund Advisors consistently appears as a top performer in database screening. As a result, Piedmont Capital maintains model portfolios composed primarily of Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) Funds. Piedmont Capital Asset Management LLC receives no compensation from DFA nor is Piedmont Capital under any obligation to use DFA.

Bond Laddering

Where appropriate, Piedmont Capital employs bond laddering as an investment strategy to help minimize exposure to interest rate fluctuations. Instead of buying bonds that are scheduled to come due during the same year, Piedmont Capital purchases bonds that mature at staggered future dates. By staggering maturities, Piedmont Capital attempts to reduce the impact that changes in interest rates can have on a client's investment portfolio. While bond laddering can help manage exposure to interest rate fluctuations, this strategy does not ensure a profit nor protect against loss in a declining market.

Performance Reporting
Piedmont Capital provides customized performance reporting on a periodic basis according to the client's preference.


Piedmont Capital always takes the long view when investing in the markets. Investment strategies and advice may vary depending upon each client's specific financial situation. As such, Piedmont Capital determines investments and allocations based upon a client's predefined objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, financial horizon, financial information, liquidity needs, as well as other various suitability factors.

Piedmont Capital Asset Management LLC proudly maintains a proven track record of successful plan implementation and investment management.  Please contact us today!

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Thoughts from Dimensional Fund Advisors

"We build diversified portfolios that capture the dimensions of expected return."

Eugene F. Fama

Nobel laureate
Board Member and Director
Dimensional Funds Advisors LP

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